Tuesday, 28 July 2015


To have things the way you want, it is your business. Every rational human being wants the best for themselves. Probably for their relations too. For this to happen, it is for the particular individual to make it happen.

To have that job of your dream, it is your business. Go slow on blaming the system or the authorities. Sure thing is: Someone will land the job. Why does it have to be the other person and not you? Certainly there are reasons to that. It could be they have better skills than yourself. Or they are better connected than you. Whatever makes them win the job at last is most likely not exclusive to them. You too can acquire the same skills and land the job. My point here is: Learn the skills that the people occupying those positions have. Constantly improve yourself towards that end. Keep yourself on the right and fast lane towards that job. You will soon be there.

To end corruption is your business. The system is corrupt. Individuals make the system corrupt. Hence it is the individuals comprising the system that are corrupt. If the individuals pursued what negates the vice, we would easily have a corruption-free system.

To excel academically is your business. Whatever the teacher can teach, you can also get it by yourself. Take the initiative to learn than just sit and wait to be taught. Take the initiative to be a learner instead of just being a student. Be creative. Take a SWOT Analysis of thyself. Know what learning methods best work for you. Often change the strategies to suit your needs at the moment. Keep analyzing the problems that you continually encounter. Look into all the angles and identify from what angle you should start solving them. Good thing is: All problems that we come across have a remedy. Show me one that doesn’t have. It is the learners business to ensure they can answer all the questions they come across. It is the learner’s business to adequately prepare for exams. Stop pointing fingers at others and start seeking possibilities whose origin ought to be within you.

Achieving a clean environment is your business. A better climate starts with each one of us. Who litters the place? Who contributes to drying up of water catchment area? What leads to some species becoming extinct? Largely, it is me and you. I do my part, you do yours and we shall be safe.

To get a system right, the very basic components on which the system’s foundation is based ought to be right themselves. Continents make up our planet. These continents comprise nations which are made up of families. The families are made up of individuals. The top bodies such as the UN is a reflection of the kind of society we are. So I believe. The best and easiest way to have things right at the top, is by having them right with individuals first. That’s how it is your business.