Thursday, 17 September 2015

Please take it to them

I listened to the head of the state giving his speech on their plans for the increase in urban population and I detected lack of creativity.

With the current trend, likelyhood is that half of Kenyans shall be living in urban set-up by 2030.

 Our government's plan is to put up more affordable houses as a way of preparation.
Now my questions are >>> With the current digitization do we need people to come to work or make a living in town?...
Isn't it time we started decentralizing services and development even to rural areas?

We have turned Kiambu from a green land to a grey one just because we are creating more room for people to come to Nairobi.
We are clearing Ngong forest as we put up structures.

We are forcing more people to come to towns yet we are not expanding the services at the same rate.
Like here in Nairobi many estates go for days without water.
Waste management is disasterous.
We are more than the roads can accommodate.
Visit Githurai, Keep an eye on our roads.
We spend unecessary time on the roads instead of being productive.

This is not only in Nairobi, even my small* town in Meru.
I hear they have started constructing by-passes too!

Hon Kidero wants to reclaim the Embakasi Baracks to put up affordable houses.
Sir, what roads shall they use to the CBD or even out of it?
I used to spend an hour plus from Cabbanas to Ruiru sometimes back via the by-pass.
I bet the people you want to invite over there shall opt to walk rather than use the available roads.
Kindly save them this headache and instead campaign to make their lives better from wherever they are.
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