Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We can. But we haven't.

Why are quite a number of human beings living in turmoil, yet some others are leaving several clouds away?
Why do we keep polluting our water bodies?
Why do we continue killing Mother-Nature?
Why do some plot and actually kills their fellows?
Why do we feel bad when our friends prosper?
Why act insincerely towards our neighbours?
Why deny help to those who deserve it, yet we could help?
Why do we choose to do things that we consciously know are not in order?
Why let a friend fall into a ditch which we are well aware of?
Why act in disregard of the truth when it is evidently clear to us?
Why want to frustrate your partner just because they are doing right?
Why deny that candidate the job just because the didn't conform to your subjective wish?
Why won't humanity hold hands together in making our planet a better place for us all?