Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Government Syndrome

"... si ya mamako!" That phrase has been in use long before one of our controversial politicians made it go viral. Many of those who work for the government are there to make their career and for those higher placed, fatten their bank accounts.

When you walk or drive through the streets of Nairobi in the morning, you can easily identify those who are going to government offices. They are never in a hurry.

Joining the public sector as a young talent is like joining a school that teaches bad manners. You will be taught how to treat customers and clients with contempt. You also learn how to waste time, because at the end of the month, nothing will likely prevent you from receiving your salary.

You will be taught how to inflate prices and include non-existant items in procurement lists when you are just an intern. You will be taught how to get into office at 9AM,go for early lunches and for two hours and finally leave the office at 4PM.

It is not uncommon to hear people say "ukiajiriwa na serikali na utoke maskini ni shida yako" Apparently being employed by the government is a ticket to relax, misbehave and do almost nothing. But I respect teachers. Most of them work really hard.